What We Do Programmatic Digital Solutions

Digital Audio

Full featured programmatic audio buying platform.

Audio messaging integrated with an arsenal of targeting, optimization and attribution technology to reach users consuming audio on their digital devices.


A programmatic, multi-channel reach to your target audience.

Enhanced behavioral, demographic, geographic and contextual targeting with AI technology and host read options ensures your ad is placed in the proper podcast content

Digital Video/OTT

Target video consumers with aggregated inventory across all device types on our OTT/CTV/OLV platforms

Includes desktop, mobile, connected TV delivering over 18B monthly video impressions across 100+ publishers

Digital Display

GMP Digital Display targets custom audience segments

Uses location, behavioural, and contextual elements of targeting in order to serve the right ad to the right person at the right time

Digital OOH

Reach audiences when they are outside their home, around their daily movement habits.

Large format, place based, or POP formats serve among various venues with multiple targeting capabilities

Social Extend

Extend your existing social media display and video posts directly to your audience

Extend your existing social media display and video posts directly to your audience, outside of the social platform, wherever they are.

Targeting Strategies

Unlocking Data Driven Precision

Effective targeting is not a one-size-fits-all situation. From demographic and behavioral targeting to geographic, psychographic, and contextual approaches, we offer a comprehensive range of strategies designed to put your brand in the spotlight where it counts

3rd Party Audience Targeting

Leveraging app targeting, purchase behavior, demographics, weather, hashtags and much more

Social Media Data

Use followers, #hashtags, keywords and conversations to target an audience


Location is at the forefront of our platform. Geofencing, GeoRetargeting, Geobehavioral


Convert your CRM list/Device ID to IP’s and apply our Look-alike modelling to expand your list.

Make GMP DIGITAL your ONE-STOP Digital Solution